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I was extremely happy when Adventure Guild released the Quest Creators License and Resource. I was then disappointed, that even though it was pretty and well laid out, it was a two column pdf, so reading it on my phone or on my eReader, was pretty miserable. 

I checked around and couldn’t find anyone who had taken the text and converted it to an eReader friendly format. There is a saying in a few spaces I’m in, that “If you ask if something exists and it doesn’t, it is now on you to make it.” This is doubly true for resources. I wanted an ePub version of the Quest Creator’s Resource. It didn’t exist. So it had now become, at least in my mind, my responsibility to create one. 

Despite that the text completely existed and I was just copying text out, it still took quite a few hours. There were lots of manual line breaks. Lot’s of extra spaces inserted. A couple of spelling errors. Eventually though everything was copied and formatted in a way that was at least presentable to others. There are still things I want to update, but they are all minor things. 

Planned updates/fixes:

  • Fix the images for the Adventure Point section as the icons did not work and the examples now make no sense without the images
  • Fix more extra spaces issues, particularly between words and punctuation, potentially just around bolded text
  • Fix bullets, as the current bullets don’t show up well in epub
  • Decrease indents, as the current spacing is too much for an epub
  • Fix heading5 to be the inline block heading, this also means fixing extra line breaks I added, because heading5 originally wasn’t an inline heading
  • Figure out how to actually do a Table of Contents for an epub
  • Change Heading style to be away from small caps as they don’t work in epub, where you don’t necessarily control the font, and update to be more distinctive, possibly bold italics
  • Validate “pink important note” sections are all styled the same

Any suggestions or corrections can be sent to @yoshicreelman on Twitter or to dawnbeargames@gmail.com.

Current version 0.3.

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Great job Yoshi!!!

Thank you!!! 😁