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My Welcomed Guest is a solo game about being trapped in Faerie and trying to bargain your way home. Throughout the game you will be answering questions and potentially accruing Taboo, which is an indicator of faerie taboos you may have breached. Sometimes without you knowing what action it was that directly broke the taboo. The game will be played over five acts.

This game was created as part of the Short and Easy game Jam.

You will need some additional materials:

  • Something to write on.
    • You can print out the game and write directly on the paper, use a journal, an electronic source, or something else that suits your fancy.
  • Something to write with.
    • If you have a favorite pen or pencil, get that. If not, anything will do, a pen, pencil or crayon.
  • A six sided die.
    • There are many electronic versions available if you don’t have a d6 easily accessible.
  • A place to accrue Taboo marks.
    • This can the corner or back side of a page, an index card, a sticky note, or a bowl to hold glass beads. The important thing is to know how many Taboo marks you have accrued.

I believe in paying people for their work. This game is priced at $3, but if that isn't something you can do right now, in the spirit of Faerie bargains, send me an email (dawnbeargames at gmail) and I'll send you a copy. It will come with the caveat, that if you play it, just let me know you played it. No need for a review or feedback (though I would love feedback), just to know that you played it. I won't promise to get you the game immediately, but I will likely get back to you with in a couple of days.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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